St. Theresa Catholic School places great emphasis on the use of modern technology to enhance the learning process. We strive to foster growth in digital literacy, critical thinking, effective communication and ethical use.

The speed with which the development of computer technology has occurred over the last 20 years has caused massive shifts in how people work, communicate, and learn. We know that the skills current students will need to be productive, fulfilled adults are significantly different from those just five years ago. Our students must become self-directed, life-long learners as well as ethical, responsible citizens prepared to meet the increasing challenges of a global, information-based society.

They must learn how to access, manipulate, and evaluate information in a manner that is increasingly sophisticated. Most importantly, students must learn to use these tools in a manner reflective of Catholic values and social teaching, where technology tools must be used to foster the goals of righteousness, community and service to others.

Regardless of subject area, a solid grasp of technology skills is fostered in our school each and every day. In classrooms from kindergarten through Eighth grade, we strive to uphold a curriculum that correlates with the National Technology Standards for Students. In addition, our school follows an Acceptable Use Policy to promote safe and ethical use of the Internet and all other technologies.