Student Council

St. Theresa Student Council exemplifies the Mission and Philosophy of our School. Each member upholds all school rules, promotes school spirit, fosters good citizenship and provides a positive example through overall conduct, effort and grades. Student Council serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership as representatives of the students, staff and community members of our school.

The Student Council is comprised of forty-two students. Students are encouraged from the start of the school year to become part of St. Theresa School’s Student Council. Hard work and focus are essential to campaign for a seat on the Council as well as good grades, attendance and Teacher recommendations. If eligible, students apply to run for their desired position according to their grade level in the following school year. Once accepted, they will campaign for a few days with speeches, posters and sticker giveaways. On Election Day, students running for President give speeches to the entire school during Morning Assembly. Shortly after, all 3rd – 7th graders cast their votes electronically. The new Student Council Members are announced by the end of day. The Democratic process comes to life at STS on Student Council Election Day.

Responsibilities of 8th grade Student Council Members:

  • Organizing Morning Assembly before the start of school
  • Pledge of Allegiance, prayers and intentions for the day
  • Delivery of School Sports News, School Virtue of the Week

Responsibilities of 3rd – 8th grade Student Representatives of classrooms:

  • Guides and helpers of specific teachers and students in those classrooms

All Student Council Members participate in as many school-related activities as possible and spearhead spirit building events such as:

  • Live like Bella sock drive for Pediatric Cancer
  • Christmas Hat and Socks Day
  • Catholic Schools’ Week and much more!

They are responsible for attending all meetings, completing school projects designated for Student Council, making up missed classroom time due to Student Council activities and being organized throughout the school year.

Duties of Student Council Officers, Commissioners and Representatives

Meetings: Student Council members meet once a month, generally on the first Wednesday of the month. They are guided by their Student Council Moderators, Mrs. Lily Rodriguez, former teacher of 5th-8th grades and Mrs. Mercy Bringas, current Math teacher of 5th & 6th grade.

President (8th grader)

  • Acts as the liaison between the Student Council and Advisors
  • Presides at monthly meetings
  • Represents the council at various school functions
  • States the Pledge of Allegiance during morning assembly
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Vice President (8th grader)

  • Serves in the absence and alongside of the President
  • Helps keep members engaged in the meetings
  • Represents the council at various school functions
  • States the Pledge to the Cross every morning
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Secretary (8th grader)

  • Takes attendance at meetings
  • Takes notes at meetings
  • Types minutes and submits them for approval and usage on website
  • Represents the council at various school functions
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Treasurer (8th grader)

  • Keeps detailed records of all money earned and used for fundraising events
  • Collects, holds and organizes money/ for Student Council uniforms
  • Helps with the collection and distribution of Student Council uniforms
  • Keeps open communication with Mrs. Neuma Sanchez in accounting office of STS
  • Represents the council at various school functions
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Commissioner of Assembly (8th grader)

  • Arrives early to school on Outdoor assembly days (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Organizes and gets the flag for Morning Assembly
  • Appropriately chooses 2 Kindergarten students to hold the American Flag
  • Works with Dr. Fontana & Dr. Mason in ensuing the microphone and speaker system are working properly
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Commissioner of Sports (8th grader)

  • Works closely with the Athletic Director
  • Announces sporting event results from the day before during morning assembly
  • Announces upcoming try outs and other important Sport messages during morning assembly
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Commissioner of Prayer (8th grader)

  • States the morning prayer daily during morning assembly
  • States the opening and closing prayer at Student Council Meetings
  • Works closely with Mrs. A. Marti, our school’s religious educator
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Commissioner of Voice (8th Grader)

  • Sings “God Bless America” or “America the Beautiful” or the “St. Theresa Alma Mater” during Morning Assembly
  • Works closely with Dr. Fontana and/or Dr. Mason
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Commissioner of Greenhouse (8th grader)

  • Leader of STS’ Green team
  • Collects used print cartridges and boxes them for mail
  • Announces weather information during outdoor morning assembly
  • Announces and promotes recycling throughout the school property
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship

Homeroom Representatives (3rd – 8th graders, 3 per grade)

  • Attends student council meetings
  • Brings ideas and suggestions from class members to the meetings
  • Reports information back to his/her classroom
  • Helps with the development of projects for the student council and school
  • Helps promote school pride
  • Exemplifies good school citizenship