iCare STS

This year we will continue with our iCare STS program. iCare stands for Inspiring our STS Community to Achieve a Respectful Environment. Each month we introduce a new virtue that students and teachers will be practicing every day to promote positive behaviors in our school. We encourage families to discuss the Virtue of the Month with their children and put it into practice. Please see the Counselor’s Corner published monthly for more information on these virtues.
Students can wear their iCare STS t-shirts with PE shorts to help us promote the virtues of our program.

2023-2024 iCare STS Dates

  • September: Tuesday 9/5/23
  • October: Tuesday 10/3/23
  • November: Tuesday 11/14/23
  • December: Tuesday 12/5/23
  • January: Tuesday 1/9/24
  • February: Tuesday, 2/6/24
  • March: Tuesday, 3/5/24
  • April: Tuesday, 4/9/24
  • May: Tuesday, 5/14/24
  • June: Tuesday, 6/4/24