Faith Formation

As a Catholic parish and school, we help families grow in their relationship to Christ and His Church. In this complex and hurried twenty-first century, the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith provide a solid grounding and deep insights into the challenges we face.

Young people are searching for answers to their emerging questions and realities of life. St. Theresa School is a community where students can grapple with questions related to the world, their identity and meaning while remaining firmly grounded in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Faith is at the heart of a Catholic education.

At every step of the way, our students are guided and cared for by leaders and teachers committed to holistic development through religious instruction, virtue development and service to the community. We encourage our families to continue to love Jesus Christ and to participate in the many opportunities available for personal and family prayer, mass, retreats, community activities and ministries to grow in our faith.

Masses/Liturgies During School

The students celebrate Mass together once a week. Each class takes a turn hosting and preparing the liturgy. Students are encouraged to invite their parents to join us. Other prayer services and devotions are also celebrated, such as the Stations of the Cross and the May and October Rosaries. Take the time to worship with your children. The blessings will follow.


It is the responsibility of the students and parents to receive the Sacrament of Penance regularly. Special Penance services for the students in the school are celebrated as often as the opportunity is available. A family serious about its members’ spiritual development will go to confession once a month for the good of all souls.

Sacramental Preparation ~ Special Circumstances


  • Arrangements can be made for any child who has not yet turned 7 years old and who still needs to be Baptized by contacting Annette Perez at the Church of the Little Flower Church Office, 305-446-9950 or email
  • Students aged 7+ who still need to be Baptized will be prepared for Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. All 3 Sacraments will be received together at the celebration of the Easter Vigil, typically after 3 years of Sacramental Preparation. Please contact Jorge Santibanez, DRE, at the Church of the Little Flower Church Office, 305-446-9950, or email at

First Communion

  • Students in 3rd Grade and up who need to receive First Holy Communion can be accommodated into the Parish Religious Education Program to complete their Sacramental Preparation. Please contact Jorge Santibanez, DRE, at the Church of the Little Flower, Church Office, 305-446-9950, or